Breakload Testing

We can do all kinds of break load testing in our facility.

Thanks to the latest technology, the tensile testing machine can be made operational almost instantly, ensuring quick and efficient processing of both light and heavy equipment.

The frame, which is approximately 10 m(L) x 2,4 m(W) x 1,95 m(H) in size enables steelwire rope's, grommets, slings and everything thas fits in the machine to be loaded to destruction to up to 1000 metric tons depending on the equipment tested.

In the narrow (600 mm (W) x 500 mm (H)) extension of the machine a load of 800 metric tonnes can be applied at approximately 35 meters length. Intermediate lengths have intermediate maxima. This section is specifically made to break-load long objects.

Also we can regulate the speed of the load between 1 and 1000 kN per minute.


For example we can do breakload testing of:

A video of a Aramid Rope breakload test

A video of a succesful breakloadtest of 710 mT on a Aramide Rope


Video of a synthetic rope breakload test.

Video of a synthetic rope breakload test with a peakload of 9134kN


Video of

This is a video of some break load test of diverse "bolders" used for mooring ships in the harbour.


We can perform various kinds of proofload testing. For more information click on the button....



We can perform various kinds of breakload testing for more information click on the button.....


View Live Trough Webcam

View the test trough a live webcam connection.