The testing facility for proof and/or break load services for loads up to 14000 kN

Mennens Dongen B.V. operates a tensile testing machine with a capacity of 14000 kN, which is considered to be one of the largest of its kind in the Netherlands.

This unique tensile testing machine represents a logical addition to our range of services, which Mennens has been developing over the past years. After all, a company that produces 100 mm wire rope slings, should be able to test them as well !

Mennens Dongen B.V. is capable of proof-loading and/or testing almost any hoisting, lifting, pulling and lashing equipment with respect to the requirements of the customer or certifying society. However, this tensile testing machine is not only intended for testing our own products. We also offer this service to anyone else who wishes to make use of the unique properties of our tensile testing machine.

Speed and efficiency are our main objective. This means that no single installation needs to come to a standstill, nor any ship to remain at anchor in port due to the lack of the required certificates.

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